Inauguration of the Expanded OECD Jakarta Office

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It was my pleasure to inaugurate the expanded OECD Jakarta Office on 4 November 2019.

The OECD’s relationship with Indonesia has blossomed in recent years. This reflects first the country’s economic dynamism and its growing role on the world stage. President Widodo has helped deliver annual GDP growth of around 5% a year and per capita income growth of around 4% a year, with living standards continuing to rise.

This deepening engagement between Indonesia and the OECD also points to the efforts of Secretary-General Gurria to build a more inclusive and relevant Organisation.

Back in 2007, we launched the first phase of this relationship (Enhanced Engagement), which we formalised when Indonesia became an OECD Key Partner in 2012, together with Brazil, China, India and South Africa.

That same year, Indonesia and the OECD signed a Framework of Co-operation Agreement – the first such agreement for a Key Partner.

The opening of our OECD representative office in Jakarta in 2015 is a testament to our deepening engagement and friendship.

I am delighted that the office is expanding. This will help us to bring our bilateral co-operation with Indonesia to an even higher level and, we hope, act as a launchpad for our work across the whole Southeast Asian region, particularly through the Southeast Asia Regional Programme (SEARP).

Warm thanks to all those Friends of the OECD who attended the inauguration, and thanks in particular to the New Zealand Embassy for hosting.

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