Presentation of the Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG) Coalition ahead of the G7 Summit in Biarritz

B4IG was presented to President Emmanuel Macron by the OECD and CEOs of the 34 leading international companies composing the B4IG coalition at the Elysée Palace on Friday, August 23, ahead of the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Biarritz.

The G7 B4IG coalition, coordinated by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), is the first business-led initiative of its kind, thanks to its 360° approach to tackling inequality, international dimension, and multi-stakeholder approach focused on building synergies between companies, governments and philanthropic organizations.

Cher Président, Chers Ministres, Chers Très Hauts Responsables d’Entreprises,

A la OCDE nous sommes fiers de conjuguer nos forces avec celles de 34 entreprises mondiales pour combattre les inégalités, , et de repondre a l’appel de la Presidence Francaise du G7, et du President Macron, pour addresse cet defi majeur pour nos economies et nos societes. Je voudrais remercier  le Secretaire General Gurria pour son soutien, et aussi Emmanuel Faber et toutes ses équipes, ainsi que celles de l’OCDE, pour avoir travaillé avec tant de passion pour ressembler ces entreprises, leaders dans leur domaine et dans la pratique de nouveaux modèles d’entreprise inclusifs.

 Pour l’OECD c’est claire. La croissance des inequalities n’est pas seulment un problem social, ou un problem politique, mais c’est aussi un grand probleme economique car ilya une impact negative des inegalites dans la productivite et la croissance economique. Nous comprenons donc, l’interet des entreprises que se sont joint a les addresse.

At the OECD we have been documenting the nexus between inclusion and productivity. But we have also confirmed how inequality of income can bring inequality of opportunites and outcomes, and even of life expectancy. This touches 40% of the OECD population. We have  confirmed the stalled social mobility, the shrinking middle class, the lack of gender parity,  the increased job precariousness, and the fact that the top income earners in the world  concentrate 80 percent of wealth, while the bottom 20% only holds 1 percent. No wonder why there is such an impact on trust.

But  the priority placed by the G7, and the actions of the companies that now join us in the B4IG, demonstrates that a new reality is feasible. We will prove that integrating equity and inclusion at the heart of the business models,  create new economic opportunities.. This is  beyond  corporate responsibility, it is the future of the business sector

B4IG will amplify, track and learn from the pioneering solutions proposed by companies, and will bring the connection with the public sector efforts, leveraging the synergies of the financing mechanisms. The OECD will put its rigour, its evidence and its data to the service of the platform  But we will do something else. With the companies, we will be assessing impact. We are convinced that commitments are great and we are proud of them, but delivery and change are much more important.  So count with the OECD to make change happen.

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